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Trader check, your one-stop-shop for information about trades.

Trader Check is one part of the Government’s better business reforms and aims to provide consumers with a free, online ‘one-stop-shop’ of information about traders.  The Better Business Reforms are scheduled to be introduced into the NSW parliament this month.

Currently, consumers search multiple websites to identify business histories and other relevant information about licensees.  Not all information is currently public.

The new online register is slated to include extensive details about licences including holder name, class, number, expiry,  details of surrender, public warnings, cancellations, suspensions,  disciplinary action, the results of successful Fair Trading prosecutions and NCATorders.

The Reforms will also give licence holders the opportunity to choose between a one, two or three year licence.

Matt Kean, Minister for Better Regulation has spruiked the Scheme thus:

This is great news for NSW consumers. This website will become the first port of call for anyone who needs to hire a trade or buy from a business.  We’re making it easier for Consumers to check whether the tradie they’re hiring is fair dinkum before they let them into their homes and hand over their hard-earned cash.”

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