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neighbour dispute over fences

Neighbour Dispute Over Fences

  Dividing Fences—the great neighbourly divide The ‘dividing fence’ is often a hot topic for neighbours.  Help, however, is at hand in the form of the Dividing Fences Act 1992 (NSW) (Act). The Act empowers both NCAT and the Local Court to resolve disputes about dividing fences.  NCAT has an unlimited jurisdiction for these matters, […]

neighbour dispute trees

Disputes Between Neighbours —Trees and Hedges

Neighbourhood disputes over tree branches. I deal with a variety of disputes between neighbours.  These can arise for many reasons including dividing fences or retaining walls in disrepair, encroaching garages, nuisance claims of noise and pollution, use of right of ways, high hedges and overhanging branches. In this issue, I deal with tree disputes, an […]