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I have set up NBCL to give practical and cost-effective advice on the many issues that can and do arise from the operation of building, construction and other related commercial contracts.

The issues that can, and often do, arise out of construction contracts or involving strata schemes almost always concern a complex web of statutes, by-laws, regulations, case law and know-how, and involve a number of parties and their obligations.  It is important, when these issues arise, to involve a lawyer who is familiar with the specific area of law.

These are the problems with which I can help.

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Common disputes

Below is a list of common disputes encountered by many builders, house and strata property owners. These are the sort of problems with which I can help.

home renovation dispute

House additions
and alterations

The home owners have a contract with builders to carry out additions and alterations to their home.  The builder recommends a cost-plus contract. What should the home owners consider before signing the contract?

builder dispute resolution

Builder progress

The builder refuses to do any more work until the home owners pay a progress payment.  The home owners believe the progress payment is not due, and that some of the works carried out are defective.  The builder believes he has provided a quality product and that payment is due under the contract.  What should the builder and the home owners do?


Payment for
additional works

The home owners come  to the end of a contract for the construction of their home and are given an invoice for a sum over and above the contract price for a large sum for additional works. What recourse do the home owners have? What remedies are available to the builder?

strata dispute resolution

Leaking unit

The home owner owns a unit in a strata block.  Water comes in through the ceiling and/or windows when it rains. What course should the unit owner take?

neighbour dispute resolution

Neighbour disputes

The home owner owns a garden flat in a unit block.   A mature tree, planted over the boundary, is encroaching onto her garden space.   What course of action should the home owner take?

A home owner has subdivided his block and constructed, at great expense, a driveway over which he has granted a right of way to his neighbour.  During the course of the neighbour’s build the driveway is damaged.  What can the home owner do?  What can the neighbour do?

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